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Combining the industry-leading "Bike Fit Systemsfitting practice with the practical skills of experienced therapists from Aberdeen Sports Massage to tailor-fit your bike to your body

"I am undoubtedly faster on longer efforts, more comfortable, and my legs aren't tiring as quickly.  My body is fresher climbing off my bike and I no longer feels niggles in my back and wrists.  An extremely worthwhile hour or so and I would thoroughly recommend"

Martin, Aberdeen, Competitive Cyclist



"Bike-fitting" is the process of modifying the mechanical features of your bicycle to your physical dimensions.  Essentially custom fitting a bicycle to your body. This is done for a variety of reasons... 



Regardless of your experience or ability, there is a bike fit option for you.  

If you are new to the sport or use cycling as more of a recreational past-time, a bike-fit will focus on economy and comfort.  We will ensure your bike does everything it can to allow you to complete a commute or weekend ride while making it as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

For the more serious or competitive riders, our service can concentrate on power production, aerodynamics and economy of movement.  By changes to saddle, pedal and many other features of the bike we can ensure with every pedal stroke, we are maximising the power output and helping you get more out of your bike, helping you drop your friends on the hills on the group ride or getting your nose ahead in your target race.

A comprehensive assessment of your current cycling preferences, history and goals for the session.

A comprehensive assessment of your current cycling preferences, history and goals for the session.

Exclusive to an ASM bikefit, cleat wedging.

Exclusive to an ASM bikefit, cleat wedging.

We will support your change in riding position with sports massage therapy

We will support your change in riding position with sports massage therapy

AKR Fitness, The Arches, South College Street

AKR Fitness, The Arches, South College Street


We offer a unique perspective. 

  • Our bikefit service is delivered by experienced healthcare professionals with a passion for cycling. Who better to understand how your bike should be best set-up than therapists who spend all day understanding and working with the subtle difference in client's bodies? It is a collaborative process. We will combine this knowledge, an understanding of the sport and your feedback to create a unique fit for you.


  • Exclusive to Bike fit by ASM is the application of cleat wedging. As the main point of contact for the effort of your pedal stroke, optimisation of this interface is essential to optimising performance. We achieve this with the applied use of BIkeFitSystem's cleat wedges which offer the most effective bridge between your foot and the pedal by pairing the cleat's angle to the natural angle your foot wants to work in.


  • Your new position will be intended to cause the least postural strain on your body as possible. However, old positions which were sub-optimal may take time to correct and unwind. These positions and postures are ones that we work with correcting on a daily basis. Bike fitting offers you the best solution of tailor fitting your bike to your body, however if you have some residual muscle tightness issues from your cycling past then these may inhibit your ability to adopt the new riding position. Having a healthcare professional, with a strong personal interest in cycling to fit your bike is the best solution to completing the process.


  • Our service does not stop at the end of your fit. Our expertise in the how the body works, means we are in a great position to offer advice on how best to work on your body to get the most from your fit. Every session comes with a 20% discount on your first sport massage with the company. Any key issues highlighted in your fit will then be worked on.



We have three bikefit packages for your to chose from depending on your budget and needs.  We aim to make your session as personalised as possible but click below for a detailed breakdown of what these different services may include.



Have we peaked your interest yet?  If you want specific advise on how a Bikefit can help you, no problem.  Give us an email at bikefit@aberdeensportsmassage.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss with you in more detail.

If you would like to book your bikefit session, please email us on bikefit@aberdeensportsmassage.co.uk and we will arrange a session at your earliest convenience.  At present, our bikefit sessions will be at the fantastic AKR Fitness on South College Street, operating initially on Saturday afternoons.  Other timings can be discussed on an individual basis.  See you soon!


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