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GOLD FIT - 90 mins, £110

Our flagship fitting service.  Utilising laser-guides, video analysis software and all the tricks in the book, this service offers the most detailed, in-depth and complete fit possible.  We offer the most detailed analysis of your foot’s interface with the pedal with BikeFitSystem’s world-leading cleat fitting practice ensuring your cleats are positioned perfectly for the riding you’re doing and ensuring that changes made best complement your technique on the bike.  The cleat fitting process ensures your cleats are far enough forward or back to maximize power, that they allow your feet to travel perfectly in line with your knee to enhance efficiency, that your cleats both rotate evenly to reduce the risk of injury and we also offer wedging to complement your foot’s anatomy to perfectly link your foot to the bike and offer you a new level of comfort.  This fit is also of course built according to your specific goals and takes your opinions into account every step of the way to make it as personal as we can.


SILVER FIT - 60 mins, £70

This is a crucial fit for the cyclist training frequently throughout the week.  As well as analysis your body-position and major joint angles, we also take a look at the way your feet interface with your pedals.  This practice offers a solution to all of the most common issues found while cycling and is an introduction to increasing efficiency and power-output while cycling.  Making use of laser-guides, this service is ultimately designed to offer you a position which is as efficient as possible as well as reducing the chance of developing niggles or injuries in the future.  We will ensure you leave the fit satisfied that we have offered you a service which has met everything you wanted it to, listening very carefully to the feedback you offer us.


BRONZE FIT - 40 mins, £40

A must for all cyclists and ideal for the recreational or commuting cyclist - we ensure your body-position across the bike is balanced and that you are as comfortable as possible while riding.  We apply BikeFitSystem’s world-renowned fitting practice to make sure your knees, hips, shoulders and elbows are all angled in the optimal range for joints to move comfortably and safely.  This is designed to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary discomfort in contact with the saddle or in your hands and wrists while making sure that you are as happy as possible before you leave.  This fit does not include a cleat-fitting analysis.


CLEAT FIT - 40 mins, £45

If you are already happy with your bike fit on the whole but want a quick way to enhance your power transfer or efficiency; we offer a service which offers the full in-depth cleat set-up analysis of our GOLD fitting service.  We assess the position of your cleat in all directions, forward/back, narrow/wide, rotational and offer a full cleat wedge assessment too all to align with your needs on the bike and complementing your goals as a cyclist – see above for more details.

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