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Don't be a Pokemon Go hater...

Unless you are living on a different planet, it is hard to have not come across or try the craze, Pokemon Go.  From young to old, it has attracted a great deal of interest but also a great deal of negativity.  It is this that has sparked a somewhat spontaneous blogpost from us here at ASM on those "hating on" those playing the game as the kids would say.

The new craze, Pokemon Go.

The new craze, Pokemon Go.

As a company that promotes health and well-being, we are wholeheartedly throwing our support behind the game, and here is why...

1. Firstly, lets address and put to one side the safety concerns.  As well as supporting people to try the game if they want, we are urging people to be vigilant of their surroundings at all times.  This means traffic as well as theft related advice on walking around with your smart phone so visible.  Risks are inherent in all past times, road cycling, mountaineering etc. so lets not focus on this but be mindful of it.

2. In this modern lifestyle, particularly in youth communities, of increased sedentary habits, why oh why should we be discouraging our youngsters from going outside and exercising.  Consider an average day in the life of an average school-going child.  Rise, breakfast (in sitting), lift/bus to school (in sitting), classes all day (in sitting), bus/lift home (in sitting), leisure activity i.e. Xbox, TV, texting, homework  (in sitting, sitting, sitting, sitting).  If any or regular parts of that day can be changed by walking around playing a game and exercising then it gets the thumbs up from me!  Exercising aside, if our youth are going out and engaging in their community in a positive way, socialising, being creative, imaginative then I challenge any "hater" out there to tell me why that is a bad thing.  Think about orienteering, treasure hunting, easter egg hunting from your own youth.  This is no different, just a more modern and equally, if not more, engaging version!

3. I know full well that this game is not only being played by the youth.  Yes it is a game that involves capturing mythical creatures and will be aimed more at younger markets but that doesn't mean us adults cannot enjoy it.  If this is getting people out of their car, walking to the shops/work or out in the evening with or with out friends/colleagues/children, then that cannot be sneered at by those "haters".  This is no different than recent Fitbit crazes of trying to hit 10,000 steps per day.  It is a way of encouraging and rewarding exercise.  Exactly what our modern lifestyles need and when it is put like this, negativity of the stigma of playing a game should pale into insignificance.

So we at ASM say, if it is for you - awesome.  Enjoy it, be proud of exercising, getting some fresh air and making your lifestyle more healthy.  Embrace the fun and the challenge.  Do it safely.  Young or old, don't be put off by those who do not understand the greater picture!  For those that snigger and sneer at those people out there having fun and being a little healthier - please encourage any changes someone is making to their health and well-being, Pokemon or not.  Even if you don't understand it or it does not interest you personally, be supportive to those around you that are playing, don't be a "hater"!  Go out and enjoy the walk with someone who is playing.  Enjoy the walk just as a walk if it is not your thing and you can benefit too.


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