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Three ways that nailing the basics may not be enough or not possible...

Welcome to part two of our recovery blog.  Incase you missed it, check out part one that covers the basics of recovery and stretching.  Also check out some of our videos on stretches and warm ups to make sure you have the basics covered.  So, you have a good understanding of stretching, when, how long and how often.  So where and why does massage therapy come into play?


1. When stretching alone can't get that last bit of tightness...

Perhaps your stretching routine doesn't quite seem to target that problem area.  Perhaps you are not being specific enough.  Perhaps you are requiring a more complex or individualised approach to your routine.

That is when a trained massage therapist can help out.  We can not only work on areas in greater intensity and with great accuracy than a stretch, but in doing so we can start to understand what muscle is.  Piecing this together with a history of the area and your current activity levels, we can not only make an instant change to the area during the session but we can show you how you can target that area better yourself.  At some point, we all develop an area that the basic doesn't address and that is why we are here to help problem solve.


2. When life throws you a curve ball...

I've entered a marathon, work is really busy at the moment, I've been travelling a lot lately, I haven't managed to get to the gym as often, I am doing a charity..(enter event here).

I can hold my hand up and say in the last 3 years, I have had all of those reasons to seek help in my recovery.  I know what to do to recover effectively but sometimes things get in the way and you fall behind.

You've taken a challenge.  Awesome!  Your body is likely to kick up a fuss along the way and your previous stretching routine (if you even had one..) is not sufficient.  Supplement this with expert advice and treatment and we'll make the training process as enjoyable as it can be!

If life is busy, sometimes it is easier to book a massage appointment in your busy schedule and let somebody take care of your recovery for you.  One less thing to worry about.  Have that one-hour a week/month where you get looked after for a change!

3. Foam rollers, spiky balls, stretching bands etc. etc.



We mentioned in the last blog post that people are too quick to jump to more expensive recovery solutions when the most effective are free.  Well if you have nailed those basics and you feel you need a more specific approach then this would certainly be our first port of call.  Using these implements can be a great way of getting those stubborn bits or ramping up your recovery.  If we feel appropriate, we recommend use of these on problem areas in clinic and show you exactly how to safely target them.  It is also the target of our next video series so if you have one gathering dust at home, get it back out, get rolling, get stretching.  Take it in to your next session and we'll show you in more detail how to get the most from it.



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