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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage treatments are not only relaxing and rejuvenating (a gentle, steady pressure is used) they also boost the lymphatic system, encouraging it to work harder to eliminate cold and flu viruses from your body before you come down with a cold.

It is an excellent preventative and detoxifying treatment, which boosts immunity*, can increase energy, reduce swelling around hands and feet and decongest the sinuses (over a longer period of time it can have some effect on reducing cellulite).


What can I expect from a session?

The session is 1 ¼ hours long and you will be positioned on your back and/or front.  During the session your therapist will activate the major groups of lymph nodes (found under the collarbone, chest, armpits, groin and under the knees) and promote the movement of the lymphatic fluid back into these areas in order to be flushed out via the kidneys.  Depending on your goal for the session the head and neck may be treated as well.  It is a gentle, relaxing treatment, calming the nervous system and flushing the lymphatics.  You may notice a slight tingling in the soles of the feet during a session, this is a sign that the treatment has reached full body drainage.


After the treatment:

You will be encouraged to drink water after a session and may feel the need to go to the bathroom slightly more often over the for the next day or so while the lymph nodes are processing the lymphatic fluid.  You may feel slightly run down over the next day or so after the treatment, this is your lymph nodes processing the lymphatic fluid/removing viruses and other debris and  is totally normal.  After this time you may notice an increase in energy levels and  feeling of wellbeing the next day.  A slight swelling or pressure in and around the nodes may be noticeable

When should Manual Lymphatic Drainage not be used:

If you are full of the cold, this will not give you any benefit at this stage, as your immune system is already engaged in fighting it.  MLD works best as a preventative treatment.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage could make an existing cold worse and is not recommended if you are sick. 

If you have cancer, known blood clots, are on certain medications (including chemotherapy), have any other serious infectious illness or the flu, it is absolutely not advisable to receive a Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment as this could be dangerous**.  If you have thyroid, kidney or blood pressure problems, deep vein thrombosis, are on certain medications, have artificial implants to regulate blood pressure (stents or shunts) and have had cancer in the past, give us a call to discuss whether Lymphatic Drainage is the right treatment for you as we may need clearance from your doctor in some cases.

*Note: Manual Lymphatic Drainage may encourage the lymphatic system to work faster in the short term, this can in theory act as a preventative for colds and flu, however we do not promise that you will not catch a cold or flu after a treatment, therefore other cold and flu preventative measures should be taken. 

**We will not be held liable in the event of non-disclosure by a patient about any medical conditions that may be negatively influenced or affected by a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment.

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