Aberdeen Sports Massage



Sports Massage combines a range of massage techniques to relax tight muscles, improve movement and reduce pain. This will reduce your injury risk, restore normal postures, maintain optimal biomechanics and improve performance.

Sports Massage uses a variety of deep, slower strokes combined with individual stretching techniques.   This means sessions are highly individual and tailored to your body’s requirements.

Who is this type of massage suitable for?

As the name suggests, the service is geared for sports people but is beneficial for everyone.  However, our clients range from 16 to 65+ and from the retired to the Olympic athlete.  Do not think that you are not fit or sporty enough for a sports massage. Each session is highly individualised in location, pressure and intensity and the benefits can be enjoyed just as much by non-sporty clients than our athletes.

How often should I get a Sports Massage?

This really depends on your training intensity, training cycle and personal requirements.  Massage works really well when applied regularly but this may not be appropriate for all clients.  All of these factors can be discussed with our team during your first session.  In general, most clients will return on a fortnightly, monthly or six-week basis at the most effective point in their training cycle.

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What happens during a session ?

During your first session we will take a full medical history, injury history and outline of your current training schedule if appropriate. After this, we will use some simple assessment techniques to investigate muscle length, posture and alignment issues.  Combining all this information allows us to tailor your session appropriately to gain the best results.  We can also use this information to advise on future sessions, give advice on self-management strategies and even refer to a physiotherapist as appropriate, should the problem be deemed more complicated.


Sports Massage does involve deeper massage techniques than generalised relaxation massages. Specific trigger point work into really tight areas can be uncomfortable. As the applied pressure eases the’ trigger points’ within the muscle this discomfort will ease.  This level of discomfort is entirely guided by the client and if the area begins to get tender, we can change location or technique.  We will help manage any discomfort with breathing techniques and varying our direction of pressure to make it as painless as possible.  Every Sports Massage begins and ends with lighter techniques so the uncomfortable parts of the massage, if there are any,  will not last the entire session.

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