Aberdeen Sports Massage


swedish massage

Swedish Massage is a term used for what most people will associate with traditional massage. Swedish Massage and its techniques form the foundation for all other types of massage. Using long flowing massage strokes, kneading and clapping techniques, this type of massage is fantastic for pain management, relaxation and postural alteration.

How does this differ from Sports Massage?

Swedish Massage does not involve techniques that penetrate as deep into the tissue as Sports Massage and therefore tends not to be as uncomfortable. Most of our clients who use this service are looking for a stress-busting relaxation session that helps combat the detrimental effects of modern working practices. If you suffer from stiff necks, tight and painful shoulders or poor mobility in your lower back then we guarantee we can help you with this service.

what if i think i would benefit from this as well as sports massage?

Swedish Massage is used at the beginning of Sports Massage sessions to warm-up the muscles for the deeper techniques. We pride ourselves on individualising every session to our client and should you wish to try complimenting your Swedish Massage with Sports Massage techniques, we can do that.

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